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Digital MEMS Sensors and Predictive Maintenance interactive webinars.

Join ST in a series of interactive webinars available on their website from June 23rd onwards. Check out their new solutions and ask questions to their technical experts during the live Q&A sessions.


Videos, webinars, interactive presentations and more

With the cancellation of SENSOR+TEST 2020, we are moving our demos online and are pleased to invite you to ST’s virtual edition!

Our demo videos and interactive presentations will allow you to easily find information on our latest advancements, from MEMS technology for industrial applications, sensors with embedded Machine Learning, and Time of Flight ranging sensors to our complete range of products to help you build your sensing applications, including microcontrollers, analog ICs, power and connectivity solutions.

A series of interactive webinars will be available on our website from June 23rd onwards, so you can check out our new solutions and ask questions to our technical experts during the live Q&A sessions.


24th June 2020 @ 2:00 pm CEST
System design for low power applications with digital MEMS sensors

25th June 2020 @ 2:00 pm CEST
ST Sensoren für Überwachung und Vorbeugende Wartung von Maschinen
(this webinar will be held in German language)

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