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JMX series – plastic push-pull connector for medical applications

SOURIAU’s JMX series of plastic push-pull connectors are designed for use within the medical industry. The series has been engineered for simple and straightforward use by any medical professional. The JMX series meets UL 1977 and IEC 60601 standards and connects to surgical devices, diagnostic instrumentation, and patient observation devices.

Easy and secure connections

The JMX series is specifically designed for straightforward, instinctive use. Every plug features an ergonomic grip and a visible indicator for simple alignment with its receptacle.

Six completely different colour codes and key options are offered to identify the connectors and stop mating errors. The series additionally features durability of 2,000 mating/unmating cycles, ideal for daily use.

The technical characteristics of the series conform to IEC 60601 and UL 1977 to simplify medical device approval.

Waterproof and sterilisable

The JMX series protects instrumentation and equipment from liquids usually found in medical environments (water, blood, cleaning fluids). Rated IP68 in mated and/or unmated conditions, the JMX series protects against immersion in 10m of water for one week. It additionally withstands autoclave sterilization and is rated for two hundred cycles of four-minutes each at 134°C. The JMX series is additionally available in IP40 and breakaway versions.

Carefully designed

SOURIAU's JMX series of plastic push-pull connectors are designed to fit any medical device. The connectors' bright colours and slender profile mix harmoniously with devices and set them apart from the competition.

A wide choice of contacts and layouts

The series comes in 9 different layouts and 4 diameters (0.5, 0.7, 0.9, and 1.3 mm) to withstand currents and voltages of up to 10 A/1200 V. The contacts are obtainable in solder or crimp versions and SOURIAU's overmolded harnesses give customers permanent one-piece assemblies. The series will be supplemented by a variety of additions (PCB versions and further layouts) which have been rolled out through 2018 and into 2019.

Non-medical applications

Even though the JMX series was specifically designed for medical applications, the series lends itself equally well to robotic, instrumentation and lighting applications. Its ergonomics, small form factor, and ingress protection rating make it an incredible asset in meeting the requirements of these markets.

Esterline Connection Technologies

Esterline Connection Technologies (SOURIAU SUNBANK) is an international leader in interconnect solutions designed to withstand the harshest of environments (aeronautics, space, defence, transport, energy, industrial equipment, health care devices and lighting).

It invests in R&D and manufacturing facilities to supply solutions that comply with environmental requirements and international trade rules. SOURIAU-SUNBANK's wide selection of products is designed using the latest electrical and optical connection technologies. All are appropriate for use in non-hazardous environments, in addition to those involving extreme temperatures, strong vibrations and corrosive liquids, and meet specific international market standards.

SOURIAU celebrated one hundred years of Passion and Innovation in 2017.


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