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DSPCB - Quick Patch status and download

A Quick Patch is used to apply minor bug fixes to an existing software installation. In most cases, your version number will remain the same.

Current status

No patch available.

Instructions for Quick Patch ONLY

You MUST only apply a fix/patch update to the same major version number (eg. v11)
If you apply to an earlier version you will corrupt your installed application. 

  1. Download the fix from the link above.
  2. Save your work and Close DSPCB.
  3. Launch the fix executable which consists of one simple window. A few checks to do before you install.
  4. Check the "From Version" matches your currently installed version.
  5. The "Placing files in" option should automatically be pointing to your installed folder. If you believe this to be incorrect, first check using the Windows File Explorer to confirm. ONLY use the "Change" button if this path is required to be changed.
  6. Click "Install Now".

    QuickPatch * Welcome window

  7. "Install Now" button quickly copies the new files to your installation folder and you will receive a pop up window showing that process has been completed.

    QuickPatch - Successfully installed screen

Note: There is also a "List" button that allows you to see a list of the updated files contained in the update, but this is for information and you do not have to use this.

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