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IoT2020 on board SPI

Hi been busy with my project where I am using IoT2020(Intel Galileo Gen2) and I am faced with the problem of SPI working. I have followed all the necessary steps that I needed to concerning SPI but still cannot solve the problem,can you please assist me on this problem:

I basically want to access the on board SPI to send information to the chip(LTC68032) am using,so how can I achieve that?



May 17, 2018 08:47

To possibly help in the shorter term, I has also produced this video that shows SPI being used on the IOT2020


May 17, 2018 08:47

You did not specify if your trying to access the SPI with an Arduino program or via native C or via a Node-Red flow. Can you please clarify and then I will try to assist

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May 15, 2018 12:37

Hi Olebogeng, I have been caught out with SPI settings more times than I like to mention, but check and double check the SPI modes of which there are 4.

This Arduino page provides a good explanation
and this the nicest images

Your peripheral chip appears to use Mode 3
" The LTC6803 SPI compatible interface is configured to operate in a system using
CPHA = 1 and CPOL = 1. Consequently, data on SDI must be stable during the rising edge of SCKI. "
Apologies if you have done this already.

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