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By Samuel, YAKOBUS | Hsiang An, TSENG

People are easy to forget things. This project is to develop a reminder for people to remember things. The overview of the system is shown in Figure 1. A mobile app sets the number of items in the reminder (i.e., the box on the right-hand side). Items are placed inside the box. Finally, some LEDs are placed on the top of the door for alert See Figure 2). When the door is open, the LEDs show different lights to remind users. There are two scenarios. Scenario 1: a user walks in from the door. When the light is red, it means the number of items in the box is not the same as the expected value. Users may take up additional spaces or forget to put some items in the box. When the light is green, the number of items in the box is the same as the expected value and the situation is normal. Scenario 2: the user walks out of the door. Then the red and green lights are replaced by purple and blue lights respectively.

System Overview

Figure. 1

LEDs are placed on the top of the door for alert

Figure. 2

The demonstration video is shown below.

Comment by judges: The demonstration can show the idea properly. However, the overall design is too simple and it can be better if the product has more features like showing the warning by using a speaker, an LCD, or app notifications. Moreover, the case can be better if they can use building blocks or 3D printing.

Organizer "Microcontroller Application Design Contest (2016-17)" Department of Electronic and Information Engineering The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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