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IoT Seminar by DesignSpark at CityU


As the third week of a lecture talked about "Innovative Uses for IoT Technology in Retail", DesignSpark was invited to deliver a seminar to share what IoT is, the sensor modules and architecture, etc. Also, we introduced a software platform Zerynth, which is a user-friendly platform allowing developers to use Python or hybrid Python/C++ to program the microcontroller for IoT. Here's a short summary of the seminar.

In a more than an hour sharing seminar, DesignSpark first introduced the software tools, such as DesignSpark PCBDesignSpark Mechanical and Zerynth to students, helping them know more about the platforms they could use during prototype development. 


The basic concepts of IoT, future roles and development and the architecture of IoT were introduced, helping students understand what IoT is, how IoT plays an important role in the future and how IoT structure looks. It was useful for them before designing their own IoT application.


Also, different sensors module and wireless communication module were introduced. Here are some modules mentioned in the seminar.

  1. MikroElektronika RN4870 Bluetooth Add On Board
  2. Semtech LoRa Module for SX1276
  3. 4D Systems Image Sensor (640 x 480pixels)
  4. Sensirion SCD30 CO2 sensor module, Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  5. Matrix E-block Temperature Sensor Module


After that, different cloud platforms were introduced, like Ubidots, OKdo Cloud and Google Cloud Platform.

zadmcloud_1cc08763ae1da828fb137d3301293cce5115ab9e.pngThe most significant part was a demonstration. DesignSpark designed and delivered a demonstration for students in a more practical manner. A modular electronics platform, XinaBox, was used to build a simple weather station and LED controller. It helped students know more about how to build an IoT application in reality. Besides, a concept of bi-communication between IoT and Cloud server was delivered to them. The XinaBox not only collected data from the environment, but also allowed users to control it from the internet.

What_is_IoT_20190919_3c34f39f9103e779d74467af9cd9068ff826b069.jpgMore details of XinaBox can be found at


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