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5 Dec 2017, 15:41

IoT applications - monitoring energy consumption using Pressac CT Clamps

Being able to measure and compare energy consumption is something that all facility managers required on a daily basis. The information it delivers can show whether the process is running smoothly or, more importantly, this data can also pick up any issues within the systems that are not routinely noticeable during operation. Spikes in energy consumption and higher than normal operation currents can indicate a number of potential issues before they become a major concern. It's important to understand the data being present via a dashboard but it's also important to act upon any spurious readings that are logged. The benefit of Smart Asset Management is that these spurious readings can also trigger a works order for further investigation, thus preventing a major problem occurring further down the line.

Also being able to monitor current is really useful for incorporating energy efficiency within the facility. This is something that RS Nuneaton are undertaking, facilities manager Neil Burrows explained that in order to conduct a real-time comparison, they have installed energy efficient LED lighting in one sector and will monitor against traditional lighting in an adjacent sector.

To do this comparison they are using CT Clamps from Pressac.

The Pressac Sensing CT Clamps are designed to measure and report the AC current flowing in separate channels. For ease the clamps are powered by any of the measured conductors, the measured current in any channel is reported every 30 seconds. The Pressac Sensing  CT Clamps are easily installed with no disturbance to the measured conductors. It really is a case of clipping around the conductor and then mounting the transmitter to send the data gathered to the cloud. From here the data is then presented via the dashboard to be viewed in real-time, or over a selected period for analysis.

The LED lighting distribution board with the Pressac clamps fitted, Neil is pointing out the transmitter on the top righthand side, next to it is the other T8 lamp distribution board.

 The CT clamps are quick and simple to install and the unobtrusive transmitter is simply attached to the distribution cabinet.

The dashboard is a perfect example to show the comparison between the two lighting sectors. As can be seen, the energy consumption for the LED sector is much lower than the T8 Sector J lighting.


So what is next on the agenda for the Pressac CT Clamps at Nuneaton after a successful trial on the lighting systems? Neil Burrows explains that he is incorporating the CT Clamps into a wider trail to assess the current drawn on motors within the conveyor systems and process elevators. We will cover this in the next chapter.

For now here is more information about the Pressac CT Clamps and how they work.

  • Energy harvesting – powered from the measured cable
  • Pluggable - for ease of installation
  • Rapid and de-skilled installation – straightforward and easy set-up with no disruption
  • No batteries to replace – no maintenance costs



For more information on Pressac click here

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5 Dec 2017, 15:41