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IO-Link discover the benefit in one minute

Why not take a minute with Balluff to discover more about IO-Link and how it integrates each sensor into the Fieldbus level. IO-Link offers direct communication between the control level and sensors on the plant floor, making it a great platform to develop your integrated Industry 4.0 smart factory.


With IO-Link you will gain higher efficiencies at lower costs.

IO-Link provides a cost-reduction potential due to a number of factors including:

  • Reduced mechanical installations
  • Predictive error detection & automatic readjustment
  • Central  configuration via the controller
  • Quick error-free seamless sensor replacement
  • Automatic detection and identification of devices


For more on Balluff IO-Link, head over to RS Components on the links below.

IO-Link Master - (135-0302)

IO-Link Inductive - (135-0309)

IO-Link Photoelectric - (135-0290)

IO-Link Ultrasonic - (135-0277)

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