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Inventing the D-Sub

Connector Geek

Like most engineers, James Cannon found himself fascinated with how things were built, what improvements could be made and most importantly, how electronics could make our daily lives easier. The only difference between James Cannon and the rest of us is that he began tinkering with technology over 100 years ago.

Starting the original Cannon Electric in 1915, James Cannon pushed through uncertain economic times and in the 1920s took Hollywood from silence to song by supporting the first “talkie” movie. From there, Cannon products found their way into all aspects of everyday life, from helping to revolutionise aviation to connecting nurses and patients with hospital switchboards.


Although the first 30 years of Cannon Electric’s is rich in history and nothing to shy away from, what happened in the 1950’s forever changed the connector industry.

James Cannon received the patent for the first D-Sub connector in 1957, and since then the Cannon brand remains synonymous with one of the most widely used connectors in the world. Take a look around and you will find at least one D-Sub and Micro-D connectors nearby. From CNC machines to medical devices and back to office equipment, Cannon D-Subs and Micro products continue to keep you connected.

Supporting your Application Needs with Cannon D-Sub and Micro Solutions

For over 50 years, Cannon D-Subs have serviced the industrial, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, and transportation markets. From humble beginnings, the D-Sub range has grown to include a complete portfolio of D-Sub and Micro-D connectors and connector accessories. Let's meet some of the family...

Featured Products:
The Double Density D-Subminiature connector features double the contact density in the same standard insert area, increasing the pin count from standard 50 contacts to 100 contacts. This double contact density is achieved by using field-proven, highly reliable Centipin™ / Centisocket™ contacts on a .075"/1.91mm pitch, in the positive contact alignment design.

The Combo-D system is ideal for applications that require optimisation of space while improving overall shielding. Combo D accomplishes this by combining multiple interconnect types into one fully shielded product, decreasing the number of I/O interfaces and reducing the possibility of EMI/RFI leakage. Combo D, D*M connector series offers the advantages of an industry standard shield I/O.

D*W IDC Cable Mount D-Sub is a perfect IDC cable terminated D-Sub connector allow for rapid row by row crimp terminations, speeding the assembly process. With three contact types to accommodate wire sizes of between 30AWG and 20AWG, and quick harnessing capability, the D*W is a perfect 780 VAC steel connector.

The MDM Metal-Shell Connectors have been tooled in several coaxial layouts and offer the versatility of combining coaxial and signal lines in the same connector. This offers the versatility of combining power and signal lines in the same connector.


Hot off the press is the latest MDM offering. Designed in accordance with the MIL-DTL-83513, ITT’s High-Temperature MDM Series is the perfect Micro D-Subminiature solution that can withstand temperatures up to 200°C. The MDM Series offers reliability without compromising durability or performance even in the harshest environment.

RS Components and Allied Electronics are proud to distribute ITT Cannon connectors. Please click on a logo to see the ranges.

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Connector Geek is Dave in real life. After three decades in the industry, Dave still likes talking about connectors almost as much as being a Dad to his two kids. He still loves Lego too. And guitars.

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