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Introduction to Cellular IoT with Nordic Semiconductor


Cellular IoT is enabled by the new low-power cellular technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT. Now everything can be connected to the Internet, even small battery-operated devices.

Learn more from Nordic Semiconductor - leaders in ultra-low power wireless. What will you create?

The webinar recording introduces cellular IoT technologies and related factors:

  • What is cellular IoT?
  • What is LTE?
  • LPWAN landscape
  • Getting connected to the network
  • SIM cards
  • Power consumption
  • How distance affects protocol behaviour

PDF slides for the webinar are available to download from Nordic DevZone.

If you are looking to get hands-on developing your first Cellular IoT prototype, the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160DK (196-3897) development kit is available to purchase at RS Online.

Do you have an idea for how Cellular IoT or Bluetooth Low Energy could be used to help people less fortunate than yourself? Check out the Connect the Community: Design Challenge!


Submit your idea - request prototyping parts from Nordic and RS Components - and be in with the chance of securing support to make your idea a reality! Learn more.

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