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Internal consistency errors - what are they? (DSPCB and Pro)

On rare occasions, you may receive an "internal consistency error" message when performing a Design Rules Check.

The format of the message is of the form:

This design appears to have internal consistency errors.

The design Signature is 1472 2 00008000 00000000 

Before discussing the codes many errors will be auto-corrected when saving the design and closing DSPCB or Pro, so it is worth performing this first.


In the design Signature, only the 8 digits underlined in the above example are the error codes.
Below we identify those that require you to check and then correct in your design.
Corrections may be required in either the design editor or in the Design Technology.

             0x00000080, Text is used without a style assigned.

             0x00000800,  A shape is used without a style.

             0x00001000,  A shape is not assigned to a layer

             0x00004000,  A duplicate net name or unused net has been found.

             0x00008000, Duplicate component names have been found.

             0x00040000,  Text is not assigned to a layer.

             0x00200000,  The board outline is not a closed shape

             0x10000000,  A net has been identified without a class.

As mentioned these are rare events and very few have been reported, should you experience one of these error reports or require assistance to resolve please contact our support team.

Submit a request – DesignSpark Support (

Please supply details of the error message signature and attach your design files from the project folder.

If you have any thoughts on the steps you took that may have caused the error then please let us know, we can then investigate improvements to prevent these from occurring in a future release.

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