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13 Jan 2017, 8:52

Intelligent power supplies QUINT4 from Phoenix Contact set a new standard

 Phoenix Contact QUINT4 Power Supply Units use near field communication which allows the upload of user-defined settings from a PC or laptop via the free software, there is also an app for mobile and tablet devices.

Users can configure QUINT4 to monitor DC current, power, or voltage in real-time via a 4-20mA analog output. This can be very helpful for predictive maintenance purposes, as the power supply can indicate critical operating states before an error occurs. Operating hours, DC Input voltage, overvoltage, and temperature derating can also be monitored with dry contact outputs. 

In addition users can lock out the push buttons on the front panel with a user-defined password. 

QUINT4 have a gas-discharge tube (GDT) for coordinated protection, but still offers the established QUINT features like Power Boost and Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology.

The current range consist of PSUs covering 120, 240 and 480 watts allowing to adjust the nominal 24 volt output up to 29.5 volts. The compact devices have a width from 36-70mm at a 130mm height and 125mm depth.

Click here to have an overview of all benefits which make QUINT4 outstanding. 

Here is a quite detailed video that explains the benefits of QUINT4





13 Jan 2017, 8:52