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I need help! I am making an electirc surfboard and need it to have 3 different set speeds

I am building an electronic surfboard and need it to have 3 different speeds slow, medium, fast, and stop. It needs to be controlled by a hand-held remote control. (an example would be like a ceiling fan remote control.)

The motor I am using is:

RPM/v: 730kv @ "Y" config. / 1280kv @ "Δ" config.
Max voltage: 41V (11S)
Max Current: 128A @ "Y" 730kv / 229A @ "Δ" 1280kv
Max Watts: 5280w
Resistance: 0.0132ohm @ "Y" 730kv / 0.0046 @ "Δ" 1280kv
No Load Current: 3.2A @ "Y" 730kv / 4.2 @ "Δ" 1280kv
Can Diameter: 56mm (actual motor diameter) 
Can Diameter inc. Water Jacket: 63mm
Length: 102mm
Shaft Size: 8mm
Weight: 971g

The battery I'm using is:

 Voltage     36V ( working )    ( 42V at peak)
 Capacity     10000mAh  ( 360 wh)
 Charging current     1.5 A standard   5.0 A max.
 Discharging rate     10A ( standard ),  30A ( Max.) Not recommend as working rate
  • 1 pc 10k Thermistor installed for over charge protection
    • Must connect 10k Thermistor between battery charger  and battery pack before charging to protect battery from overcharging to avoid explosion. 
    Note: We are not responsible for any damage caused by mis use.  
  • 3x open wires:
    • 6.0" 18AWG RED (+)
    • 6.0" 18AWG BLACk (- / 10k thermistor)
    • 6.0" 18AWG WHITE (10k thermistor)
 Dimension (LxWxH)
    210mm (8.3") x 175mm (6.9") x 65mm (2.6")
 Weight      11 lbs  (4998 g)


Hopefully someone can help me



Colin Shoell

**Moderator edit to remove phone number **

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