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Infineon XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit

Demands on power systems continue to increase rapidly and require more in terms of accuracy, flexibility, ripple and step response among others. The capabilities of PMBus™ helps to address these challenges in modern power system design, incorporating basic digital control techniques to bridge the technology gap for power and digital engineers.







The new kit features two XMC microcontroller powered control boards along with an XP baseboard designed using DesignSpark PCB. Almost any power topology combination can be developed easily and efficiently, including current, voltage and customised control.

The XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit is the result of collaboration between Biricha Digital and Würth Elektronik. The buck convertor board was designed by Biricha Digital using DesignSpark PCB and developed with Würth Elektronik using its best-in-class passives and connectors designed specifically for digital power control applications.

Included in the kit is DAVE v4 IDE development platform, along with two ARM® Cortex®-M based XMC-microcontroller control cards.

Read the story behind the design and development of the XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit - DesignSpark PCB Utilised to Design a Development Kit


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