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I have a MEGA Arduino, can I use with this IOT2020, else what other model?

Hi everyone! I am thinking of buying this IOT 2020, and I have a MEGA ARDUINO, just wondering are they compatible? ie. can I use it with this IOT2020? If not, what ARDUINO shield I need to buy? Thank you in advance.

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May 17, 2018 08:47

You can indeed use this with the IOT2020. You have many choices in how you do this
1. simply plug in the Mega via the USB port and send commands via the tty???? port of the IOT2020 to the Arduino. You will have to write a sketch to receive and act on the commands of course.
2. Load Firmata ( ) and use the MEGA as an extension of the IOT2020, you can do this via Node-Red for example ( )

3. Use the TX/RX pins of the Mega and link to the TX/RX pins in the IOT2020
4. Add a common network card to the MEGA and use MODBUS TCP to talk to the Arduino Mega, the MEGA acts as a Remote PLC in this case and you can use Node-Red with ModBus Node added to communicate with it.

These techniques can be used with pretty much any of the Arduino Boards and compatibles as well as a significant number of other SBCs (ESP8266 and ESP32s for instance)

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