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Industrial process automation solutions from Bürkert

Whether it be for control, measurement or both, Bürkert are experts in developing unconventional solutions to conventional problems. Their automation solutions are tailored to the specific application and plant requirements.

Bürkert provides an objective analysis and evaluation of your plant and planning, resulting in a tailor-made automation solution. With such a vast pool of products, expertise and experience at their disposal, Bürkert have a number of automation concepts at your disposal. Whether your automation requirements call for a central, decentral or distributed installation, Bürkert can oblige – as these three real-world case studies attest.



Decentral automation at Novo Nordisk

Decentral automation offers significant monitoring, flexibility and safety advantages. Flexible process valve systems allow for lean automation processes and straightforward cabling and piping. Thus, shortening planning phases and making plant design more transparent. This can save time and money in the installation phase and ensures economical and efficient plant operations in the longer-term.

Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, required a completely new production line to be installed for a batch of insulin vials. They sought out the automation expertise of Bürkert. The recommended decentral automation solution, comprising of a single common compressed air supply and highly integrated components, was chosen and put into action.

Combining the various characteristics of each component allowed for an intelligent solution. Standard ELEMENT process valves and diaphragm valves, with their highly visible, high-performance LED status displays, formed the foundation. The decentral automation system was strengthened further with the addition of robust sensors offering large measurement ranges. The combined result was an efficient process automation solution that delivered optimised usability and improved productivity.

Distributed automation for FrieslandCampina

For tightknit valve configurations, or installations requiring added flexibility, distributed automation provides the perfect solution. Individual Bürkert components, such as field modules or control cabinets, are intrinsically compatible and can, therefore, bring about harmony in any plant’s automation processes. Bürkert’s distributed automation plug and play solutions are backed up by exemplary supply times, support and assembly services.

In the case of FrieslandCampina’s dairy plants in Gutersloh, Germany, a new production line, earmarked to process 300,000 litres of fresh milk daily and control up 2,000 pneumatic process valves, required intelligent automation. Bürkert developed an optimised plant design, whereby AirLINE valve islands and hygienic design cabinets were selected for a more flexible installation. As such, the distances between valve islands and actuators were significantly reduced, from 20 to 50 metres to a mere five metres; providing obvious cost and time benefits.

Central automation with Everswinkel Municipal Waterworks

The classic solution for process control is central automation, where control functions are concentrated in one point. In such cases, Bürkert favours failsafe technology that is proven to with together – from the valve island and communication module to CLASSIC valves – for efficient commissioning. Concentrating all control functions in a single room or control cabinet keeps them secure away from disturbing influences, which is especially beneficial where operational reliability is required.

In collaboration with Everswinkel Municipal Waterworks, Bürkert set out to assist waterworks supervisors to simplify oxidation procedures. The ultimate aim was to automate the supply system and concentrate the technology in one place. All the technological components for the filter control were placed in special stainless steel pneumatic cabinets; thus centralising the control equipment for over 20 armatures in a single location and linking them to the PLC system. Yet another automation solution that goes beyond the normal conventions.

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