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Independent DesignSpark Electrical tutorials

If you are new to DesignSpark Electrical, the free yet powerful electrical CAD package from RS Components and Allied Electronics, you will want to get familiar with the software as quickly as possible.

There are tutorials built into the tool itself, as well as other online materials, including in the DesignSpark YouTube channel

What you may not know is there are also independent tutorials available, including two very helpful tutorials from an expert CAD user:

DS Electrical Tutorial Part1

DS Electrical Tutorial Part 2

These are produced from the designer’s perspective and will certainly be helpful in getting you up and running in using this great free tool.

My broad based technology degree equipped me well for a range of roles including project engineering, training, change management and marketing engineer. My career has included a rich variety of experience in industry sectors including food packaging, automotive, robotic vehicles and materials handling. I have taught electronics and product design in schools as well as implementing new technology for students such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

3 May 2017, 12:59