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In the world of industrial data transmissions, continuous real-time communication is critical but how do you ensure future-proof reliability?

With the internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 requirements for high-speed real-time data communications being imperative you need to ensure that your new design has proven data connections to ensure both reliability and longevity. The choice of data connectors are numerous and varied however your decision will depend upon the environment the product will be working within and the distance the data has to travel, especially if you are using cables to transfer the information. If your product is going to be based in a particularly noisy environment the option to use traditional copper-based data connectors is limited to using fully shielded versions however you are still limited on the overall distance you can achieve for data transfer. In order to overcome the limitations of traditional copper-based data connectors more and more, engineers are turning to fibre-optic based solutions.

The benefits of fibre-optics are well known to the major players in telecommunications and the consumer market is being driven towards this technology with home routers now offering higher connection speeds and larger transfer rates. With the industrial marketplace, the opportunity to transfer data reliably and safely over far greater distances without the concerns of EMI or EMC interferences is driving it towards fibre-optic products.       

Phoenix Contact has an extensive range of fibre-optic products that covers both IP20 and IP67 applications using different fibres. The latest addition to the product portfolio is the FDX 20 series of Din rail mounting fibre-optic splice boxes which offer a number of technical features and benefits to the user. The ready to splice pre-assembled FDX 20 series significantly reduces assembly and installation times with its patented pigtail tray and is the most compact splice-box available on the market today.

The product offers continuously reliable data connections and the security of future-proof transmissions thanks to extensively tested components manufactured by Phoenix Contact who are known for their quality and innovative designs. 


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6 Sep 2018, 14:35