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13 Nov 2019, 13:07

ILS Illuminate Bregenz Festival 2019/20

Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) was proud to play a supporting role to Andy Skirrow Projects and Cameron Balloons this summer at the Bregenz Festival 2019/20 in Austria. ILS LED modules were used to illuminate a giant balloon that was deployed as a key element of the stage set.

The collaboration resulted in an RGBW solution that provided quality, 360-degree illumination, emphasising the printed high-resolution fabric without compromising weight restrictions.

ILS LED modules deployed in the Andy Skirrow Projects’ installation are designed and manufactured using Osram Opto Semiconductor LEDs. Other quality components including ILS heatsinks were also an integral component of the final solution (see below).

Source: Andy Skirrow Projects

LED-Lit Balloon Impresses Opera Fans

This year, the annual Bregenz Festival began their 74th season with Verdi's opera, ‘Rigoletto’, performed from the Bregenz floating stage on Lake Constance.

The opera, held outdoors nightly to an audience of up to 7,000, was a delight to the senses. The LED illuminated balloon, an impressive and key element of the set design by Phillip Stözl and Heike Vollmer, rose up from the stage with Rigoletto’s daughter on board.

The floating stage was filled with the 14m high, 175-ton clown head and his two 9m high hands, one of which held the illuminated balloon. The magnificent set took 46 different companies to construct and cost almost 8 million Euros.

The clown moved its head in various directions, drifted up towards the sky and in other scenes descended into the water. His eyes shifted to portray the emotions of the opera, while the light cast him in colour, from bright red to deep blue.

The Bregenz Festival is a two-year event and so this set will be reconstructed for spring 2020.


360 Degree Illumination

ILS LED modules were installed at the heart of the balloon, which also would ascend skyward. The balloon itself was 13m in diameter and designed by Cameron Balloons along with design consultant Andy Skirrow Projects. ILS was able to provide a complete lighting solution, with LEDs mounted onto PCBs and assembled onto heatsinks for thermal management.

The LED modules were assembled into a cube-like product and suspended within the balloon. This allowed for a 360-degree illumination which lit the whole balloon from all angles.

The LED families used from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors were OSLON SSL 150 in wavelength Red 625nm, True Green 528nm, and Deep Blue 470nm and DURIS S8 Neutral White. They all gave impressive illumination, showing off the printed high-resolution fabric of the balloons.

Products used in this project include:

ILS LES23 DURIS S8 Neutral White SCOB


The ILS SCOBs use the latest multi-chip devices from Osram Opto Semiconductor – The DURIS S8. The white SCOBs were perfectly suited for this application because they are based on the industry-standard Zhaga footprints, enabling the device to utilise all the existing compatible industry-standard connectors, reflectors and heatsinks.



OSLON150 16 PowerCluster Red







The OSLON150 16 PowerClusters, feature 16 OSLON SSL 150 ThinGan (UX:3) LEDs. Using Osram’s latest power chip technology they remain efficient when driven at currents of up to 1000mA.

PowerClusters are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management.

The 16 PowerClusters were suited for this application thanks to their high power and compact size. These LED modules were also compatible with heatsinks available from ILS.

The OSLON 150s LEDs were ideal because of their wider beam angle (150 degrees). This project needed wide illumination to ensure uniform illumination from all angles.


OSLON150 16 PowerCluster True Green


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OSLON150 16 PowerCluster Blue



100x65mm Heatsink


The ILS series of Aluminium Alloy heatsinks have been designed to use with the ILS standard range of SCOBs and PowerClusters.  

ILS heatsinks were ideal for this project because of their weight and size. They did not compromise weight restriction so the balloon was still able to ascend.

Furthermore, their ability to dissipate the high levels of heat prevented the LEDs from overheating.


60x70x55mm Heatsink




ILS is a part of the global OSRAM Lighting network LED Light for you (LLFY) and draws on world-leading quality LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors which combines them with other quality components, materials, and services to provide the LED solution you want.

ILS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established and respected industry-leading display and optoelectronics solutions provider. IGS provides semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. All senior staff have been involved with the optoelectronics industry for at least 20 years and are dedicated to ensuring that IGS is an innovative and highly successful operation.

For any enquires please contact or call +44 (0) 1635 294606

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Intelligent LED Solutions is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS)

ILS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established and respected industry leading display and opto-electronics solutions provider. IGS’ provides semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. All the senior staff have been involved with the opto-electronics industry for at least 20 years and are dedicated to ensuring that ILS is an innovative and highly successful operation.

13 Nov 2019, 13:07