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DesignSpark, as ever, loves to hear about applications where our software is utilised to great effect, especially when it comes to great products that are commercially available and sold by RS Components! Here, Karen Corvo, from Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd. tells us all about why they chose to use DesignSpark CAD software design tools.

Choosing the Design Solution

We have had a close relationship with RS Components in recent years, as many of our products are supplied and sold through RS. During this time, we have adopted DesignSpark as our chosen 3D CAD solution and PCB design solution. We now use DesignSpark for all the products we supply to RS, and we also make these files available to RS customers to integrate into their system design.


We have used the DesignSpark software solutions on a broad range of products, from LCD display reference design boards to hydroponics lighting development kits. We find the software very effective, as it is quick and simple to use. It certainly helps us develop our products quickly, and it helps us work with our customers on new projects, accelerating their development and the adoption of our products.

Enjoying the Benefits

Our intention is to carry on working with the PCB and Mechanical DesignSpark solutions and to continue enjoying the benefits that this package gives us. We are not so involved with electrical design, but if a need arose, then we would not hesitate to adopt the Electrical design package.’

We would like to thank Intelligent Group Solutions, and Karen, for taking the time to tell us all about their experiences and for using DesignSpark’s comprehensive suite of CAD design tools.

Intelligent Group Solutions

Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a well-established and respected industry leading display and optoelectronics solutions provider. Much of IGS’ business comes from providing semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. Established in 2001 by a team of display industry experts, the company has built up a wealth of knowledge about both the technical approach and the user interface approach to designing displays and LED-based solutions. IGS have helped develop new and innovative solutions, helping customers to enhance their products, with some even receiving awards for design and application.

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DesignSpark Software

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