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Igus Robolink D

RS Components has great pleasure in introducing the Robolink D, a direct drive articulated robotic arm kit. Two kits are available with different joint sizes, Kit 1 Size 30, and Kit 2 Size 50 (the size relates to the internal diameter of the articulated joint). The Robolink D kit comprises of lightweight maintenance free articulated joints, stepper motors, connecting arms, and the base platform. Robolink D joints are of a unique design, featuring iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings, a worm gear and a plastic housing. Designed for use with university educational programs in mind, but are equally at home being utilised for design solutions in many manufacturing environments.


Supporting articulated lean automation processes, Robolink D has stepper motors placed within the joints themselves, making the articulated system, tougher, and more durable than previous systems. With up to a 4kg payload with the larger size of joint, and up to four axis, the D is ideal for many repetitive manual functions. Earlier robotic mechanisms utilised draw wires and external stepper motors to function, taking up valuable space, Robolink D does away with that with its unique modular design.


When installed with the correct sensor components the Robolink D has collaborative ability, which is functional safely with people in close proximity. Thus, Robolnk D gives mechanical engineers, production engineers and automation specialist the opportunity to develop safe working environments for repetitive tasks or applications where robotic movements would enhance productivity. Potential application areas range from automation production to medical technology. Also, a healthy service industry for the maintenance of these machines can be established, all of the component parts in these kits are available for you to buy individually at RS Components.

Robolink D allows individually joints to be used to make articulated arms with up to 6 degrees of freedom for a total of 4 axis, whether used as individual components or as part of a complete system, the modular design gives a high degree of flexibility. Design engineers are also free to select their own control solutions, with many options available, including stepper motor control cards and PLC’s.

Benefits of Robolink D:

Lightweight modular design

Direct drive stepper motors, no wire drive

Space and cost saving

Up to 4kgs capacity

Lubrication free

All plastic joint construction

Up to 4 axis

Lightweight connection elements

Collaborative ability (when fitted with the necessary sensors)

Easy to maintain

Durable and hardwearing


Robolink D is manufactured by Igus®, who are based in Northampton in the UK, with a global headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Igus is the largest producer of injection moulded polymer bearings and reinforced plastic cable carriers in the world. Product lines include industry-leading e-chain cable carriers, chainflex, continuous-flex cables, iglidur® plastic plain bearings, igubal® spherical bearings, drylin® linear bearings and guide systems. 

Buy Kit 1 Size 30 Now (121-6525)

Buy Kit 2 Size 50 Now (121-6526)

What's in the Kits? 

Note: The kits are supplied with no control electronics, this is to allow for customers to design their own control systems specific to the needs of their project.

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