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How to wrap text properly around a curved surface


The next image contains a cylinder with text. There's 2 copies of the same cylinder, only seen from different directions. The cylinder is an imported STEP-file and it contains some friendly guidance pointed to me. I have DSM version 6.0 Creator, the cylinder is made in a 1000% higher cost CAD program.

A STEP file with text

The properly typeset text is no problem today; one can put it together in a  2D vector drawing program and export it as DXF. DSM Creator imports it.

But placing the text on a cylinder (=pulled circle) goes offroad in the beginning:

The projection is usable only in a narrow zone  in the middle. In the left and right ends the letters are stretched intolerably.

In an older discussion of the same problem one suggests recomposing the surface to narrow slices which are arranged temporarily to a line in parallel with the text. Another suggests placing one letter at a time.

The third suggestion was "turn on option wrap around ". There was a link to a SpaceClaim tutorial of it. The tutorial said it works with planar and cylindrically curved surfaces, so it sounds very reasonable when compared to those 2 ultra tiresome other suggestions. Except: How to turn that wrap around ON? There's no such option shown for DSM project tool. It's hidden or it's nonexistent.

I saw the STEP file was easy to make in a high cost professional CAD program. Is there any known easy method to do the same in DSM 6?

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