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How to prevent plastic contamination in food and drink industry

The food and drink industry requires zero contamination during the production process, and to achieve this target they have several measures placed along the processing line such as, checkpoints with X-ray, metal and or magnetic detectors.

In this way the food and beverage factories can ensure no screws, washers or even small pieces of them can reach the end of the production line or even worst the final customer. 

With X-ray, metal and magnetic detectors it is easy to spot even the smallest metallic part, but its almost impossible to identify plastic contamination.

Standard plastic materials are not detectable using X-rays, whilst metal and magnetic detectors offer no slolution for placstic parts detection.  

HellermannTyton were the first in the market to introduce Metal Content Cable Ties to address this issue and to provide a reliable solution for food and drink factories.


Metal detectable cable ties have been designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical processing industries.

A unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment, enables even small 'cut-off' sections of the tie to be detected by standard metal-detecting equipment. These cable ties are ideally suited for the installation of cabling in and around the manufacturing process. 

Now HellermannTyton has extended the Metal Content Series with a wide choice of metal content cable accessories to provide even better preventing of plastics contamination in food and drink industry.

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