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How to overcome the 4 main challenges in complex IoT designs with a strong test and measurement approach


A strong test-and-measurement approach is key when working on wireless-enabled IoT system designs.

To help ensure successful development and deployment of IoT devices, it’s important to recognize potential roadblocks in design and implementation, and know which questions to ask in order to overcome the issues.

Designers and developers need the right tools and solutions to help them overcome complex design and integration challenges, such as issues with

Possible solutions of those issues are available, but few test and measurement players can deliver a complete solution,  Keysight Technologies is one of them. Let's see how they can support designers and developers with their common IoT challenges.

Maximizing Battery Life for IoT Smart Devices


  • How long can my battery last?
  • Is my device drawing unnecessary power?

These are probably the most recurring and challenging questions about battery power management.

Maximizing the life of small, on-board batteries can be complicated. IoT devices must work for long periods of time between charges, and for some devices, battery failure is not an option.

Tools like Source Measure Units, DC Power Analysers and Digital Multimeters can give the data you need to understand the power consumption patterns and battery life of these devices in order to identify opportunities to reduce power consumption and maximize battery life.

Signal and Power Integrity Issues



  • How do I solve issues involving interference, cross-talk, excessive losses, impedance, mismatch, and power rail ripples?

Reliability in both signal and power is another problem you might face with your IoT device. Testing for these issues involves measuring the frequency and power level of your device, and decoding signals or extracting data from the signal. It's important to have the ability to debug RF, analogue, and digital parts of your design,  the Infiniivision Oscilloscopes series can provide this.

Interference Due to Multi-Format Wireless Connectivity



  • Is my device communicating at the right speed and covering the right range?
  • Is my device able to work in a dense signal environment with multiple wireless signals operating at the same spectrum?

A common challenge with IoT devices is signal interference. Keeping constant communication in the field can be problematic, so you’ll need to view the signal in real time to help define your device’s issues. Watch the way the signal interacts with others in its environment, define the problem, and fix it.

EMI Compliance and Wireless Conformance


  • How confident am I that my design can pass the conformance test?
  • Is my device creating excessive emissions?
  • How well can my device tolerate unwanted emissions?

Another area of concern for IoT designers is a failed compliance test, especially if it’s in the final stages of development. Pre-compliance testing, where software can be used to simulate radiated emissions of circuits and components, significantly improves your chances of successfully passing a full EMI test the first time around. Once again, chossing the right measuring instrument, like the wide Keysight offer of Frequency Generators and Analysers is essential.

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