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How to mount this RS pro speaker to a PCB

I'm using this RS pro speaker in my design:


Previously I've soldered wires to the terminals and then soldered these to the PCB, however, because the speaker "vibrates" the soldered connections have broken. What would be a better way of connecting the speaker terminals to the PCB?

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July 22, 2020 08:25

For difficult connections like these, I use solder flux as used for smd's and make sure the contacts are really well tinned. Then use a fine really high strand wire.
But when I looked into these in the past contact springs were actually recommended as used on some mobile devices (old HP palm tops), if you can mount the speaker this way to the PCB do a search for pogo pins or pogo connectors which come in a surface mount or through board format (not just the test probe variety), but you may find other sprung contacts which will work.
I guess you can't accommodate the (much) larger speaker in the range which comes with wires attached.

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