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How to measure fingertip forces?

Hello,   I'm looking for some recommendations about what approach would be for my project.   I am aiming to create an instrumented device that measures the forces exerted by the fingertips during precision grip (between the thumb and index finger). So I would need to measure the force normal to the contact surface and the vertical force applied by the fingertips at the contact point. I need the distance between the thumb and index finger to be below 40mm - preferably less, so the depth of any force measuring sensor would need to be small.   I would need to be able to measure up to 20N with a safe overload capacity up to 50N. Ideally, the resolution of the device would be around 0.01N if possible with high accuracy and repeatability. The instrumented device will need to be wireless and light, so all data must be wirelessly transmitted to a standalone computer for logging and processing. Because of this requirement all amplification of the force signal will need to be very compact and light - I have been looking into some electronic boards, such as the AD7705. I will need a high sampling frequency of at least 200Hz, but ideally 500-600Hz.   I wasn't sure whether a triaxial load cell would be best for this or a configuration of strain gauges and the best approach to the signal conditioning.   Any advice would be appreciated :)
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