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How to get rid of multiple lines?

I often use the DesignSpark Mechanical to create Lasercutting files, and every now and then the lasercutter cuts the same path several times because I did not see that I have multiple lines at the same place on my sketch.

Is there an easy way to "Clean up" my sketches and get rid of multiple lines?


September 6, 2018 07:40

Yes, the "laser-software" likes the .dxf files and when I make simple cutter-paths I make it fast in 2D.
But it seems like it works if (like you said) I make it 3D and just export a Face.

Thank You!

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August 29, 2018 13:12

Hi Oddnick - do you export as a dxf file to laser cut? are you designing in 2d or 3d?
If you designed a simple square in 3d and decided to cut that, what happens when you export, you get a double line, you can try to select the face only and export that, see if it fixes the problem.

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