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How to get a non-PCB component in BoM


Any tips on how to get a complete, integrated BoM for a project? This inevitably has some components that do not go on the PCB (such as an enclosure for example).

As far as I can see, parts lists are always generated from the PCB components even when you run them from Schematic. I tried making a schematic-only component, but could not get it to report in the component list (plus I notice if you change values in Schematic, you have to forward them to PCB before the changes appear in the reports). Best I could do was make a PCB component with no pins and no copper (the wizard will not allow fewer than 1 pin, but you can create 0 pins using add component manually). But this is not ideal since you have to place this dummy component, filter it out of the pick-and-place report, and stop it generating spurious artefacts on the PCB artwork whilst still having some sort of visibility so you can find it again! Documentation Layer art in the library does not seem to carry through to the PCB and you get a silkscreen component designator even if there is no placeholder for it on the library symbol. Best I could do was to have no art in the library and then manually move the designator text to the documentation layer. But you have to remember to shift-select this in future as simple selection just selects the text.

Has anyone done better - seems like this would be a fairly obvious requirement that would not call for all this jumping through hoops!

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