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How to configure an electric actuator from the Festo EPCO series

Festo have developed an electric actuator for simple applications that perfectly builds the bridge between flexible, controlled positioning and an affordable price.

Pneumatic actuators support fast movements and offer end positions with a limited controlled motion in-between. Usually they are priced below electric actuators. On the other hand, electric actuators are more flexible, they have unlimited positions at a defined speed, acceleration and force, they are ideal for precise movements, but are typically more costly than pneumatic.

With the EPCO series from Festo, RS now offers the perfect product for those who are looking for flexible, precise positioning, very little noise and easiest installation/configuration at an attractive price point. The EPCO range consists of an actuator with an integrated motor and additional accessories. When combined with the CMMO-ST motor controller (125-9895) it provides a complete closed loop installation system. Ideal for various applications in factory automation, like pushing, positioning, lifting, , etc.

In combination with the CMMO-ST motor controller and its in-built Web server the configuration and commissioning is done within minutes without downloading / installing extra software, only a standard web browser is required.

Image: Screenshot from Web server - parameter settings

Nigel Dawson from Festo summarizes the benefits of EPCO incl. the easy configarion via the web server in the video below.

Alternatively the configuration of an EPCO cylinder with the CMMO-ST motor controller (125-9895) can be done via the FCT (Festo Configuration Tool) which is free to download from the Festo website.

The video below explains step by step how to configure anEPCO electric cylinder with FCT.


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