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how to combine

New to this, so obviously ignorant.  2 2x4s put together at right angles lengfhwise.  Got everthing aligned.  How, then, do make the to combined images remaing as one.  That is, I find nothing that lets me combine the two pieces into a single unit (as in nailed together).  By the way, the combining thing in th etutorial with the connector never did work.

Oh - how do I remove a file I no longer want?:  And where do I find information as to how to do that?

It occurs to me that while this program might be the most wonderful thing preceding the rapture, it would be advisable to have the technical writing done by those with common sense instead of engineers.  It's the old saying - when you want something built, give it to an engineer.  When  you want it to work, give it to a technician.

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