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How simple is to build a custom headphone stand with USB connectors?


Hi, new to DS so bear with me...

I'm thinking about building my own headphone stand for new wireless headphones.

I would like some USB connectivity to allow me to plug in the USB wireless dongle and to plug in a small charging cable for the headphones themselves.

So, I think I need the following:

> A female micro-USB into which the main USB cable will plug into coming from the computer.

> Two female USB connectors (one in which to plug the USB wireless dongle, and one for the charging cable for the headphones).

Does anyone have any kind of simple wiring diagram, and perhaps a list of suggested part numbers from the RS catalogue (that can cater for USB 3.0, that would give me a starting point? (My guess is that this should be fairly simple but I am a complete beginner with electronics).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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