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How does this work?

I have installed DS, looks good nice UI, open it up, follow the directions in the right pane when I first strarted playing with it, I loaded the automation example and got  "Graphic Not Available"  so I played with it for the next couple days looking into that I didn't have java running, so figured that could be an issue.  Got java installed, not sure if it is working, still cannot open, see, download nothing with this software.  All the vids claim how easy it is . . . . one day to create a box.  Cool, that is what I want to do, make a box.  can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?   Thanks

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April 17, 2018 08:21

so you trying to learn how to make a box and the videos or examples are not working?
if you just want to make a box - design tab - rectangle tool - drag on the screen - type in size - then use the pull tool for the height and you will have a box.

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March 28, 2018 08:14

Assuming this is DesignSpark Mechanical please see

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