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February 11, 2020 08:58

How do you generate Gerber without solder mask?

I don't want soldermask, but everytime I generate a Gerber file set, the Gerber viewer on the website shoes a mask layer. What am I doing wrong?

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February 19, 2020 09:29

I spoke too soon. I can't make it work. I made a simple design with one copper rectangle on top copper and one on bottom copper. I then added a small rectangle of mask layer for top and one for bottom. My understanding is that this would exclude mask in those areas. It appears to work on top side, but bottom side does not work. There has got to be a way. I want NO mask at all top and bottom. Just exposed copper. Any ideas?

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February 13, 2020 10:54

Not sure I understand this, it might be better to post on DSPCB forum with some screen captures.
If you have got the tick box checked in the plot list DSPCB will not produce the layer plot. If you don't send the layer plot it will not be used by the manufacturer, but they could generate their own by just excluding the pads by a margin, so is there an online option to disable this?

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February 17, 2020 09:45

@Boss That is exactly what I was asking and I did figure it out after a bit of experimenting. Thanks