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How do I create comprehensive all-round protection of electrical installations?

AFDD becomes compulsory - more information here!
Safety – perfectly packaged

The product portfolio for an integrated protection concept in the electrical installation is optimally supplemented by the ALPHA power distribution boards. These distribution boards enable the convenient installation of all protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices from the SENTRON portfolio.

The ALPHA power distribution board system features an integrated and modular design that lays the foundation for a safe, flexible, and efficient low-voltage power distribution

and electrical installation technology while covering all requirements. All ALPHA power distribution boards offer reliable standard-compliant quality and feature a uniform design concept and high-quality surface finish.

Protection concepts – easy to plan

The SIMARIS configuration software supports the entire engineering process for electrical installations and energy distribution – from project planning through calculation and bid preparation to system documentation.

During configuration, errors are automatically displayed so they can be immediately corrected. The intelligent pre-selection of devices after the function has been defined as well as automatic placement are features that enhance planning security and help prevent errors.

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22 Aug 2019, 14:23