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How can I use dc motors to generate electricity in my house ?

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December 23, 2019 10:16

The motion to rotate DC motor will find you the result . Using mannual labour or using solar inverter or by piezo electric application .
1) By Mannual labour : If somebody has a Gym like cycle that power can be coverted to to a DC generation to run a DC Motor .
2) By using Solar power to charge batteries which can easily rotate DC motor .
3) IPiezo electricity : If piezo sheiis are distributed on the floor and covered by thick paper or cloth so that while humans will walk from a room to another room the charges would be deposited on a capacitor if connected , Those charges would pass to battery through using regulator kind of power electronics devices and battery will deliver power to motor to rotate . Need your comments .

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November 19, 2019 08:42

Some strange answers here. However as all houses have some kind of water supply in and out, The in usually under pressure, then you could have some kind of impeller driven motor on the in side and a water wheel on the out, Although the amount of energy garnished is directly proportional to the water flow and would be small. You could also use a stirling solar engine connected to a motor, as long as you have a sunny day :)

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December 23, 2019 10:15

@LateDev Frankly it is a good idea because it is possible to use the water pressure as a source of energy . By rotating an wheel one can generate electricity by the water pressure . But the powewr would be very small to get an work .directly by amotor . But if we can generate electricity to charge battery so that energy can be accumulated so that some kind of motor work find apurpose .

March 7, 2019 11:45

To be useable in your house, the off the shelf answer is to connect the dc motor to a solar panel inverter. This is the only easy way to change the dc in to ac and ensure it is in phase with the grid. (Assuming your house is also attached to the grid).
You would have to match the specs on the D.C. motor, the rpm of whatever is driving the motor/generator and the solar inverter to make sure you are making the DC voltage in the correct range.

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March 4, 2019 09:01

Obviously rotate the shaft and assuming a PM DC motor it will generate a voltage. The bigger question is what can I use to rotate the motor? The classic methods are an exercise bike as has been demonstrated on some "energy" related TV programs where an astounding number of bikes have to be used to generate any useful power for domestic appliances.
Assuming you want something less ambitious say to charge a battery, a hand cranked (and geared) mechanism will enable this, but again you will need to do a lot of ‘cranking’ to generate any useful power as is evident in the LED torches using this method.
Some electronics to convert the variable voltage generated into a charging supply will also be required.

April 4, 2019 07:44

@Boss if they happened to have a stream nearby they could make a hydroelectric generator of some form.