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How can I get two lines to snap together at their ends?

Hi, Designspark community! Does anyone know how to join two 2d lines together at their ends? They're not snapping together when I move them close to each other using the select tool, even with snapping endpoints enabled in options with a generous snap radius. Any ideas what's wrong? Thank you for any tips you can give.  --Jereme

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October 8, 2018 07:13

Select one of the two lines.
Click Move. (It is on the design ribbon.)
Click on the Anchor tool.
Click on one of the endpoints you want to snap to another.
Click on the Up To tool.
Click on the endpoint of the other line that you want the first line's anchor endpoint to be snapped to.
The selected line will be moved so that the two endpoints are connected.
The length, orientation, etc of the selected line will remain the same.

See the attached image for a visual aid to the relevant tool buttons.

Note: You can snap other points besides the endpoint. For example, you can snap the midpoint of one line to the endpoint of another, or to a vertex on a polyline,

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October 8, 2018 07:12

Hi. You can try to have 1 line snap to a grid point and the other can joint to that grid point if that will help with your question

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