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How can I add a single test-point pad to a schematic?

I'm having great trouble trying to add a single PCB test-point pad onto my schematic. What's the best way to do this? 

I can add a pad to the PCB and connect it to a net but how can I make this visible (e.g. as a symbol) in the schematic? Do I need to make a component that has a PCB and Schematic symbol? I can't believe I'm the only person that needs this functionality and making a new component seems like a long-winded way of achieving this. 

Many thanks


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November 7, 2020 22:14

There are discussions on the forum which may help you achieve what you require.

It's best to post questions on the forum as you will directly connect with other users.

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November 9, 2020 10:48

Thanks @Boss, The links are useful but don't quite solve my issue. I was really looking for a way of adding a single pad to the PCB-view and getting it to appear as a symbol on the schematic (e.g. a test point or wire-to-board through-hole pad without a component). I think the answer might be there's no inbuilt way of doing this without creating a new component. Thanks for your help.

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