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How can I add a fiducial mark to my PCB?

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December 13, 2018 13:18

Umm... you _can_ create fiducial mark components in the libraries. That's what I do. I have them defined as PCB-only components. (Fiducials have no counterpart in the schematic, so they exist only in the .psl and .cml libraries.)
The one thing you need to do is remember to include a solder mask layer in your board technology, both in the PCB library and in the destination PCB. But that applies to your approach as well.

You can create the copper as a pad. If you prefer it as a shape rather than as a pad, you can select the pad in the PCB symbol editor, right click and select Change Shape Type to change it from Pad to Shape.

One nice thing about making it a library component is that if you want it to be on both sides of the board, it is easy to create it that way in the library, and when you place the component on the board, you don't have to remember to enable all the respective layers like you do copying shapes on multiple layers from one board design to another.

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December 13, 2018 09:08

@BradLevy Hi Brad, make sure you add some comments to the article in Zendesk as well please for the dev teams delectation.

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