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How can I add a drawing border/template to the schematic design?

This tutorial requires:

DesignSpark PCB V11.0.0

DesignSpark supplies a number of schematic sheet templates for use in DSPCB.

These include A1, A2, A3 and A4 and ANSI A, B, C and D, and also "Letter" for you to use.

Note ANSI sizes are based on the inch paper size:


At any time, you can add a drawing border to the design.

Using the Add Component browser (<F9>), select the "schema" library from the drop-down list.

NOTE: If you do not find the schema library check that you have enabled the supplied Library.


For reference, this is a schematic only component library these symbols will not have any PCB symbols associated with them.

There are also many other useful schematic only symbols such as TO and FROM and voltage rails.

Scroll down the list and select the required drawing border that has been created to fit the appropriate paper size.


Just like other components, select say A4 from the list and click <Add>.

Position it as required. You may need to zoom out a bit to see it all to place it. Use the <Z> key to zoom out or <A> to view all of the design. For speed you can also roll the mouse wheel.

The form will appear as below:


All the text fields can be customised and you can save the customised template in your own library.


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