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Home is where the Smart is

Over recent decades, our homes have been transformed into ‘hubs of functionality’, fulfilling needs we didn’t even realise we had. The idea that your home is no longer just a home has become a reality.

Instead, our homes are transforming into a proactive partner – a partner with the ability to sense our needs; to watch, to listen, to smell and to feel. The emphasis is now on two-way communication and focuses on devices that are interactive.

Looking at the example above, within a short time frame the home itself has predicted the homeowner’s needs and has altered the environment to account for specific changes. This short routine is an everyday occurrence for millions of people worldwide and illustrates how future devices are likely to evolve into much more than just ‘connected.’

Molex welcomes you to the Proactive Home.

Offering benefits such as self-fulfilment and freedom, the Proactive Home encompasses entertainment, security, energy management, health and wellbeing, and much more. These hubs serve multiple growing trends in the market, such as remote video surveillance, automated thermostat adjustments, and home assistants.

Molex’s contribution to Connected Home technology, and the future evolutions that will inevitably follow, are centred around many of our core capabilities. Using unique design, development and manufacturing capabilities, Molex can help bring any application in the home to life.

To view Molex’s interactive Connected Home, click here

Molex is a leading provider of electronic components and solutions. Our approach to innovation is key to solving complex customer challenges, allowing us not only to create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company.

3 Apr 2018, 12:59