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Home Automation System (Part 5)

It is Home Automation System Demonstration. We had finished each part of systems before.

There are links of each individual part of systems:

Now, we can combine each individual part of the Home Automation System.    

We had finished the home Automation System Demonstration. 

  1. LED ON/OFF 
  2. LCD display
  3. Fan Speed Control
  4. Temperature detection
  5. Solar Level
  6. Fan State

- It is simulation of the Home Automation System


Bill of Materials

  RS part number MFN
Arduino Wi-Fi Shield (769-7395) A000058
Arduino Mega2560 (715-4084) A000057
Motion Sensor (327-7310) AMN11111
Servo Motor (781-3058)
50mm Jumper wire (505-3403) SPP-50
CPU Fan (492-4449) FD1280-A0151E3AL
Breadboard (453-8830) SAD-10
NPN  Bipolar Transistor (314-1823)
LCD Display (532-6408) 162C-BA-BC
Diode (628-9546) 1N4007-E3/54
Capacitor (788-6977) 16SEPC100M
Resistor (683-5887) PR03000201001JAC00
LED (726-9287) GSW3801C
150mm wire (505-3380) SPP-150


- It is demonstration video about Home Automation System with Moble Phone App Control


19 Sep 2014, 7:08