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Home Automation Project (Part 3)

Hi everyone, today I will introduce our lighting system of our home automation project. Last time, I have introduced how to setup the WiFi-Shield with updating the firmware of the WiFi-Shield and using the Arduino 1.0.2 software to communicate with the WiFi-Shield. (Click here with a quick look of the Arduino WiFi-Shield setup). Besides the WiFi-Shield setting, I have also introduced how to use a servo motor to control the open/close of the door. (You may Click here to have a quick look on the introduction too!) 

In our lighting system, we can mainly seperate it into 2 parts. The first part will be using a motion sensor to detect the area and control the on/off of the lights. The other part will be using a mobile app button through the Arduino WiFi-Shield and access point to control the on/off of the lights. 

motion sensor is a device that detects moving objects, particularly people. A motion sensor is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. So, if someone is walking through the corridor, then the sensor can detect people's motion and it will turn on the lights. After people went into the room, and the sensor did not detect any motions, then the lights on the Corridor will turn off. So the system can be run automatically and do not need to control.

For the Wi-Fi part, when the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield and your mobile phone is connected to the same Access point (For a example, a router/ your mobile phone access point), then we can use the app which we have created and we can just press a button on the apps to control the on and off of the lights. So, it is convenience for the people when they are not at home, they just need to use their phone and press a button, they can turn on the lights of their house. 

And there will be some setup of our lighting system:


When the Motion Sensor Dectect the motion, the lights turn on:

the demonstration of the lighting system with Video

Coming Soon!

Hope you may find our project useful! 

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10 Jul 2014, 2:52