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Home Automation (Domotic) House with Arduino

Due to our purpose to divulgate new technologies and educate students around our community, we started this project of a domotic house. It was exposed to a school event which was organized to concern about the climate change and greenhouse effect.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
20 2.25 V Red LED 5mm Through Hole, Kingbright L-53HD 228-5988
15 Black Button Tactile Switch, Single Pole Single Throw 161-3779
1 Solar cell
1 Temperature and humidity sensor Dht22
1 Resistencia Dependiente de Luz (LDR) Luna Optoelectronics, CdS Montaje en orificio pasante TO-18, 20 kΩ NSL-19M51
1 Alps Alpine Mechanical Rotary Encoder, 24 Pulse Flat, Through Hole Mount 172-7599
1 Arduino LCD display hd44780
2 Arduino Uno DIP rev.3 ATmega328 - MCU AVR 715-4081
3 Breadboard Prototyping Board 80 x 60 x 10mm 102-9147
100 Arduino cable
We are an association from Public University of Navarra (Spain) focused in electronic divulgation and education. Our first team was created by few students from different engineering degrees in may of 2017. We have been working with our community and students since our foundation in order to offer an extra knwoledge and to impulse new technologies. We are supported by RS Components, which has been our main sponsor. Thank you RS :)

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