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Home and Industrial Automation

With a background in Industrial Electronics, Solutions Architecture and programming, I now spend my time working on my YouTube channel ( ) where I create educational videos showing how to use various devices including Test and measurement, Home and industrial Automation, Components and other fun things I am sent to review or include in projects. I will also create many projects to showcase the use of these items


June 29, 2016 12:59

Like your article so far understand its a work in progress, Though just in the last month. All things internet is coming along like a freight train and as an avid intergrator of home, office and lite industrial automation and wearables the world of home and automation may surpass Industrial automation.

On that we will just have to wait and see and ride the wave with that can put some comparison work crossing the realms of Z-wave alliance, CEDIA inovations, KNX standards and integrations with Lutron, Schneider, AB, Seimens, honeywell and others and IoT into this. It seems this is fast evolving and with the major security implications as being muted nothing worse than you finger print causing a malfunction of the loo and you just want to get in the front door.

John Crookston
JDC Automation & Communication

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