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Hirose has long established a reputation in the connector industry for creating innovative, high quality connectors.  Hirose have recognised the need for a robust, vertical mount FPC connector and so have created the FH40 series.


The housing incorporates a robust locking structure, this is supported by the utilisation of unique contacts that form a reliable hinge point for the rotating actuator instead of relying on the housing walls. This means that the actuator is fully supported along the whole length of the connector and guarantees superior performance and reliable connection. The actuator has been innovatively designed to incorporate a pressurized surface angle to prevent accidental lock release caused by vibration. The actuator has a strong and thick construction to withstand against rough operation and allow a high FPC retention force of 26N (Newtons) minimum.

Special cavities on each side of the connector are known as ‘side catchers’. These are provided to hold a tabbed FPC in place, this allows a temporary holding facility for easy and accurate guided positioning. The insertion of the FPC is very smooth due to the wide guide area on the connector. Standard, 0.3mm thick tabbed FPC can be used, which is the same for the popular FH28 series, right-angled version allowing flexible design choice.

Key features of this connector series include:
• Contact positions: 10, 20, 24, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 64, 80
• Pitch:0.5mm
• Current rating: 0.5A
• Voltage rating: 50V
• Robust structure
• Mating cycles: 20

They are ideal for applications including car audio systems, satellite navigation, multifunctional office equipment, LCD/Digital TV, DVD players and many other displays requiring a robust connector solution.

The FH40 series is available to buy now from RS Components.  Click here.


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