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High Vibration Acceleration-resistant Power Choke Coil

The electrification of the automotive sector is progressing because of the need for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cars. This global trend calls for new developments and solutions in the electronics industry. Efficiency is key to these new developments because battery power is the limiting factor for the usability of electric and hybrid vehicles.

To ensure efficiency and realize optimal packaging electric control units (ECUs) are being integrated into the electric motors. To provide a safe and powerful performance the components of the ECU must sustain severe vibration conditions, require a high-temperature rating and be able to support large currents.

Panasonic Industry presents a new power choke coil with exactly these requirements. A ferrous alloy magnetic material is being used within the new ETQP5M2R5YSK power choke coil. It provides excellent inductance stability at high bias current input over a wide temperature range up to 150°C. But heat is not the only challenge for such a component. As mentioned before vibration resistance is key to a power choke coil that operates close to the electric motor. With resistivity of 50 G or higher vibration acceleration, the ETQP5M2R5YSK power choke coil is the perfect solution for demanding automotive use. A number of applications within the electrification of vehicles are possible: noise filters for various drive circuitry which require high-temperature operation and peak current handling capabilities, boost-converters or buck-converter DC/DC applications.

Excellent vibration resistance is achieved by reducing the height of the terminal's pull-out position.

Please see the specifications and possible applications below.


  • Electric Pump Input Filter
  • Electric Fan Motor Input Filter
  • Direct Injection Input Filter / Boost Choke
  • Breaking System Input Filter
  • EGR Input Filter
  • Electric Compressor Input Filter
  • EPS Input Filter
  • Start & Stop Buck-Boost & Input-Output Filter
  • Body Electric System Input Filter



  • Case Size (LxW) 8.5X80mm
  • Inductance 2.45uH
  • DC Resistance (at 20°C) ** 7.4 mΩ
  • Rated Current *** 12.0A

*Measured at 100 kHz
** Typical value
***DC current which causes a temperature rise of 40K. Parts are soldered by reflow on four-layer PWB (1.6 mm FR4) and measured at room temperature

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1 Aug 2019, 12:19