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Heated mirror door

I am trying to design a mirrored bathroom cabinet with a heated mirror on the door.  The question  I have is how to handle the connection from the door to the cabinet where the source of power is located.  And any other advice if someone has done this before!


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October 2, 2020 09:22

There are probably many options, but for equipment cabinets with buttons and lights etc., on the door, I have found this reliable, but the door has not been frequently opened! I used a cable called extra-flex (or something sounding similar) but could not find it on the RS website, but they do have this which seems similar.
The important point is it has lots of fine strands.
Make the heater connector junction (screw terminal type) at say the top of the door and the power feed from the cabinet as far as reasonable lower down.
Then use a generous length of the wire to connect such there are no points of strain.
If you do a shorter distance between the connectors, form the wire into multiple loops if possible like a fixed telephone handset cable.
The important point is to try to make any movement of the wire minimal so the twisting is spread out along the wire.
Do not solder the ends of the wire as this makes a rigid point where cables tend to break.

I have on other occasions used flexible ribbon cable with high strand counts but this is quite expensive for the short length you would require.
For this, you would form in an "ohm sign" shape where the loop is parallel to hinge direction and the loop changes size as the door is opened and closed.
For just two power lead requirements the first solution may be best.
Hope this provides some thoughts towards a solution.

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