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19 Feb 2018, 9:07

Have you seen our DesignSpark Branded Products?

DesignSpark is always looking out for our members, with our free Mechanical, PCB and Electrical design software, projects, competitions, giveaways and articles.

But, did you know that DesignSpark also has its own range of quality products? We have Raspberry Pi kits, display kits, development board enclosures, Add-on modules for DesignSpark Mechanical and a Pmod Hat!

Here’s a look at some of the DesignSpark range:

Raspberry Pi Pmod HAT Adapter (144-8419)

Anyone familiar with the world’s favourite computer will be aware of its potential as a development tool, becoming increasingly popular with developers and being used in multiple disciplines. With his fantastic Pmod HAT you can utilise any of the broad range of Pmods manufactured by Digilent ensuring your Raspberry Pi development projects gets as many advantages as possible from the get-go.


  • Provides access to full range of Digilent Pmod™ peripheral modules.
  • Enables use of up to three Pmods at a time.
  • Supports SPI, UART, I2C, and GPIO connections.
  • Optionally powered through a 5V barrel jack


Arduino Uno - Ethernet Shield Case (144-2602)


This great little case has been designed to house the Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield in an easy to assemble unit that holds your boards securely via clip-in grooves, so no screws are required! Made from a 3mm thick high-impact polystyrene and fitted with rubber feet and an Ethernet knock-out port, this tough little case will protect your Uno project, keeping it free from accidental bumps and scrapes.


Raspberry Pi 3 B pi-topPULSE Kit (146-6431)


This great kit combines the Raspberry Pi 3 B, which we all know and love, and the pi-topPULSE smart speaker. The pi-topPULSE speaker was designed for STEAM (science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) based projects that involve lights, sounds and music.

What’s in the box?

The PULSE Interfaces seamlessly with the pi-top and the pi-topCEED as well as operating as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi. Featuring a 2W built-in speaker, a fully configurable LED matrix and a microphone for recording music that is also Alexa compatible, you really can bring out the best in your Raspberry Pi projects with this great kit.

The Quattro, the ultimate case for the Raspberry Pi


This unique case takes protecting your Raspberry Pi to the next level, whilst offering a plethora of expansion opportunities seldom met by other Pi cases, we give you, The Quattro.

The Quattro gives you:

  • Square form factor
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+, Pi-2, Pi-3
  • Media server function with space for internal 2.5” HDD
  • Multiple mount options including VESA
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • LED guides for Power & Action on Pi B+ , Pi-2, Pi-3
  • Internal space for addition of a HAT
  • Internal space for hidden front facing Pi-Camera
  • Removable panel for SD card access
  • Secure/lockable Top Cover with 4 security screws
  • Exceptional ventilation + space for on-board heat-sinks
  • Top cover with easy clip system for PCB access if required
  • Recessed pockets for access to all external connectors

Offered in a variety of colours:


The Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Display Kit (124-4206)


This well great kit is for those who prefer their Raspberry Pi’s to have a quality touchscreen interface.

Included in the kit:

 All you need to be up and running with a touchscreen operated Raspberry Pi in no time, no need for a keyboard, monitor or a mouse. Although you could add a Bluetooth keyboard if you so desired!

DesignSpark Mechanical Add-on modules


These Add-on modules turn the free 3D CAD DesignSpark Mechanical suite into a low cost yet high-performance 3D CAD design solution for all your prototyping and production needs.

Exchange Add-on (852-3012)

The Exchange element adds advanced import/export capabilities which allows you to freely import, modify and export the industry standard STEP and IGES file formats allowing full exchange of design data with 3D CAD tools such as SolidWorks, Catia, ProEngineer, AutoCAD.

Drawing Add-on (852-3015)

The Drawing element lets you change designs, as well as create and modify geometry from within drawing views. The drawing environment provides a familiar workspace for those accustomed to working in 2D. Drawing add-on supports annotations, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, notes and leaders, to JIS, ISO, and ANSI® standards.

Or, if you want to make a saving, both modules are available at a discounted price (852-3019)

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19 Feb 2018, 9:07