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Hands-on! A STEM Outreach Society

Hands-On!​ is a student-run STEM outreach society at the University of Edinburgh.

We work in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and local schools to develop and deliver our own series of high-quality STEM outreach activities for young people across Edinburgh and the Midlothian area.

We’re passionate about STEM and our mission is to increase equality in society by making STEM more accessible.

Facing a huge shortage of talent to fill jobs in STEM roles, the UK needs to engage children at an early age to show them that STEM is for them. Your typical caricature of a scientist as an old man in a lab coat could not be further from the truth. STEM is all around us – from the technology that powers this website to the work leading the way to Net Zero.

It has been observed in many areas that diverse teams make better decisions; without a diversity of ideas and backgrounds STEM subjects will be significantly worse off. It’s our goal as STEM students to work with kids who feel that STEM isn’t for them, regardless of their background, and to engage with them through our outreach work in Edinburgh and the Lothians to show them that STEM is for them!

We’re looking forward to working with RS Grass Roots to design engaging and innovative activities!

Hands-On! has recently been featured in the University of Edinburgh’s Impact magazine! Find out more about our work and this latest publication here.

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Hey! We’re Hands-On! We’re passionate about STEM and increasing equality in society. We provide and advocate for high-quality STEM activities for young people across Edinburgh and the Midlothian area. We also host regular socials and other fun things like launching bottle rockets in the Meadows!
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