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Hamamatsu’s Finger-tip Sized Micro-Spectrometer

Hamamatsu’s micro-spectrometers fit all the capabilities of a polychromatic spectrometer into a compact finger-tip-sized package. This tiny size was achieved using a reflective, blazed grating made by nanoimprint, and a CMOS image sensor with an etched slit (See image below).

CMOS image sensor

The C12880MA micro-spectrometer has a 340nm-850nm spectral range and is designed for easy integration into portable measuring equipment. This miniature spectrum sensor features high sensitivity, hermetically sealed packaging, 15nm maximum spectral resolution, and an electronic shutter function.

The C13016 module, pictured below, combines the C12880MA micro-spectrometer with an evaluation circuit that can be conveniently controlled through a USB connection to your PC. This module is ideal for early-stage testing as well as integration into portable measuring devices.

C13016 module

With included evaluation software and high analogue-to-digital resolution, this module makes it easy to take high-quality spectrum data. A graph of example data taken using a C13016 and displayed in the Hamamatsu software is also shown below. For more details, please see the RS website (200-9489) .

Graph of spectrum data


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